National Polytechnic College of Science

272 South Fries Ave.
Wilmington, CA 90744-6399 United States

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About NUPI

National University Polytechnic Institute (NUPI) was established in 1967 as the Commercial Diving Center.  In 1981 it was purchased by Oceaneering International and renamed College of Oceaneering.  Then, in 2001, National University purchased the college, renamed it National University Polytechnic Institute, and moved the school to San Diego, California.

The Kearny Mesa campus is centrally located in San Diego and is equipped with state of the art classrooms, laboratories, and a 44,000 gallon dive tank.  To prepare students, we conduct most of the dive training off piers on Coronado Bay, in a harbor on the Embarcadero, and from the dive vessel at sea.

In the bustling and dynamic field of commercial diving, competition has always been fierce. In this industry you are not paid to just dive; you must be well-versed in state-of-the-art theory and hands-on knowledge about specific aspects of underwater work. In this new millennium, underwater careers will become even more demanding. Contractors will expect their divers to be superbly trained and have highly honed skills in various specialties.

To take advantage of the ever-expanding job opportunities in the professional diving industry, you must be adequately prepared. Extensive training, experience and skills afford professional divers the greatest number of options. In addition, the financial rewards are directly proportionate to your willingness to learn and grow within the industry. Nowhere can you better acquire these skills than at the National University Polytechnic Institute.

NUPI prepares you for both underwater and topside vocations. Both disciplines the college offers, Diving Medical Technician and Non-Destructive Testing include topside training. This gives our graduating students an advantage when entering the job market

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