Princetel, Inc.

2560 E State ST EXT
Hamilton, NJ 08619 United States

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Company Description:

Princetel, Inc. is a dynamic technology manufacturer based in the greater Princeton area in the state of New Jersey. The company manufactures fiber-optic inter-connect products with the main focus on fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs), electrical slip rings, and video/data MUX/DMUX media converters for the geophysical, military, biomedical, wind energy, broadcasting, robotic, and communications markets. Founded in the fall of 2000, the company has transformed itself into a major force in FORJ product innovations.

Princetel offers fiber-optic rotary joints with 1-36 fibers as standard products. They can be either SM, MM fiber, or a mix of the two. They are designed for rugged environments such as extreme temperatures, humidity, mechanical disturbances, and water submersion (pressure compensation).

A full line of electrical slip rings are designed to match Princetel’s standard FORJs. Unique features such as water seal, pressure compensation, and explosion proof are available. 

Princetel’s highly integrated MUX/DMUX fiber media converters are ideal for ROVs. Standard video, serial data, high definition video, Ethernet, and CWDM solutions are among the standard offerings.

Product Information:
Slip Rings
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